Koski Collective

multidisciplinary art

The Koski Project is a collective of acclaimed international multidisciplinary artists that creates site-specific performance art pieces in varying locations and cultures.

Drawing upon the artists’ broad background of physical, musical and visual art practices, our work celebrates and illuminates local people and their living environments.

The collective takes inspiration from the particular communities we’ve been invited to explore, creating performances that reflect our experiences back to the local people.

In coming to the Saari Residence we aim to open our working process and methods to more experimentation and exploration. We wish to clarify and strengthen our collective creation ’language’ and find ways to support individual creativity and voice within our work.

The collective will engage creatively with local artists and/or other residents. This has been our practise at each working period so far and also needs further examining. We will also start developing and re-creating aspects of our main work, ’Koski’ (working title/name of the original performance and structure), for a Finnish audience and cultural perspective.

The individuals of the collective have a broad cultural and artistic background. This together with curiosity, sensitivity and sharp vision are the strengths of the collective.

The feedback from the three seasons so far has been encouraging; the spectators connect to the work on a deeper level than we dared to dream of.