Lauttasaari Manor Residence

Lauttasaaren kartanon residenssi

NB! There will be no new open calls for the Lauttasaari Manor Residence.

The Lauttasaari Manor Residency programme is an initiative that aims to support international and collaborative projects, research, and networking amongst Finnish and international art and research professionals. The residency is also targeted toward organisations who wish to invite a foreign expert to work with their team in Finland for 1–4 months.

Criteria for applying

The application call is open to Finnish arts and research organisations and those working in the fields supported by the Foundation, including all fields of art and research in humanities as well as social and environmental studies. Organisations with a Finnish business ID may apply for the residency on behalf of their international guests. The applying organisation may be a working group, such as a research unit or think-tank, a group of artists or curators, an art gallery, a musical ensemble or an association organising an arts-based festival or event.

The residency period can last 1–4 months. In the application process, small organisations offering fresh initiatives are generally favoured over established institutions. We also prefer initiatives aiming for a longer residency period of 3–4 months.

Residency programme

In addition to applying for the residency, the applicant, along with its guest, is responsible for setting the goals of residency, as well as organising a guest programme and other practical arrangements. The overall objective is to support the international networking of Finns operating in the academic and artistic spheres. The visiting expert’s activities should include work performed in a public space and/or with communities. Residencies should primarily focus on interaction and knowledge sharing. Please see also Kone Foundation’s focuses in awarding grants.


In addition to the accommodation at the residence apartment, the residency includes a personal monthly working grant and, if necessary, a grant to cover other expenses. You may apply for a personal monthly grant only for the residency guest. If you are inviting a couple, e.g. an artist duo, you may apply for a monthly grant for both of them. For more information on grant sums, please see Guideline 1: Application form and the online grant service  ‘4. Funding’.

Residency facilities

The residency apartment (38m2) is located on the island of Lauttasaari in Helsinki, on the second floor of the Red Villa in the courtyard of Lauttasaari Manor. The apartment comprises a bedroom, a combined living room and workspace, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a washing machine.

There is no separate work space included in the residency.

The Red Villa. Photo: Neea Eloranta
Photo: Neea Eloranta
Photo: Neea Eloranta