Composer, performer, reseacher Palme Pia

6000 €

With [Saari]. Taking further steps towards an ecosystem in music

During the residency, I want to weave together composition, artistic research, writing and performing in the most inclusive sense (adding further disciplines as I go along), in order to make a meaningful statement on music as an ecosystem. In the title, the preposition ‘With’ describes this work: it points to the complexity of the relationships I face in my practice and in collaborations. Rather than separating the various disciplines and processes, I want to practice them in parallel. In this way, I can observe how the disciplines and activities interact and interfere with each other. For an exploration into musical ecosystems this is essential: ecology must investigate the interrelationships between the artistic and more reflective practices, and their fields of observation. Listening and composing are at the core of what I do as a composer and musician, with all other activities assembling around that centre. In addition, I want to communicate with the people at the residency as much as possible. Over the last years, this personal mode of ‘polyphonic’ working has proved successful, it comes natural to how I live, think, and work. It is not only the professional environment which has an influence; it is the environment in its entirety which interacts with my practice and vice versa. Again, the word 'with' describes this interaction most precisely. My practice and my process interact 'with' the entire situation and community: the landscape, the people and culture plus manmade technologies, the terrain (including plants, animals, the ground, earth and rocks). Music and research grow and evolve 'with' each other and with the environment. Exactly this is what drives my practice, and what I want to explore in depth, during the residency. For the Saari Residency, my plans are to - compose a new piece - write a collection texts - develop performances - include other disciplines without hesitation - interact with the entire environment and the people present.