PhD Researcher Glybchenko Yelyzaveta

73000 €

Visual Peacetech: Digital Visual Images as Security-Building Tools

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

This is research about visual peace technology (peacetech), the way digital technologies and artistic innovation can be designed to support peace efforts. Peacetech as an industry is so nascent, that no academic research has been published to fill the notion with precise peace-centered content. This research aims to accomplish this by exploring technology at the intersection with artistic image-design as part of peace efforts. More specifically, this research explores 1) digital visuality of peace and security in war-affected communities, 2) virtual reality design for user-experience-peacework and 3) augmented reality image-making as a guerilla peacebuilding strategy. This research of technologies in peacework is ever more important in the times of full-scale war against Ukraine, its hi-tech grassroots-driven defense, and the implications that the war against such technologically-advanced society as Ukraine has for peacebuilding. This means that after the war ends - Ukraine wins, defending and building up (digital) peace will require more and more technological prowess and strategic use of technologies for peace. This research is a preparatory step for such strategic use of peacetech. The research effort also includes theoretical advancement of (visual) peace technology and practical tool-development (the digital media products the researcher/artist creates as part of research experiments) for digital peacebuilders seeking to employ visual peace technology already now.