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Tracing Spirits: Sámi Mythology in Iron Sculptures

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Tracing Spirits: Sámi Mythology in Iron Sculptures embodies my visionary quest as a Sámi artist and a blacksmith, melding jewelry and sculpture to honor and celebrate our vibrant Sámi heritage. It intertwines spirituality, nature's essence, and Sámi mythology to establish a profound connection between wearers, viewers, and cultural legacy. The project redefines jewelry and sculpture by crafting iron accessories and jewelry inspired by Sámi motifs and landscapes, transforming them into intricate sculptures that narrate Sámi stories and cultural facets. The project unfolds in two phases. The initial phase draws inspiration from Sámi mythology, creating wearable art that resonates with cultural heritage. As it progresses, it evolves into crafting larger iron sculptures that pay homage to Sámi ancestors. This challenge to artistic boundaries merges jewelry craftsmanship and sculpture, akin to pioneers like Lalique and Calder. The methodology involves thorough research into wearable art, Sámi mythology, and art jewelry to infuse authenticity into each piece. Iron serves as the canvas, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life. Meticulous craftsmanship mirrors the fluidity of nature, infusing each piece with authenticity and depth. The outcomes comprise a mesmerizing series of iron sculptures pulsing with Sámi mythology and culture. These sculptures bridge time and space, inviting viewers on an immersive journey through Sámi heritage. Wearable art pieces become intimate conduits of storytelling, forging a deep connection between wearers and cultural narratives. The project culminates in prestigious exhibitions and multimedia documentation, sharing insights into Sámi mythology, blacksmithing artistry, and the transformative power of art. The goal is to reshape artistic paradigms, foster cross-cultural exchange, deepen appreciation for indigenous art, and highlight the interplay between myth, nature, and the human spirit.