Visual artist Kalleinen Oliver

81000 €

To be continued (artistic work)

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kolmivuotinen

I have a long term commitment to participatory artistic practices. Perhaps influenced by my upbringing in Eastern Germany, I am drawn to projects that emphasise dialog, democracy and decentralisation. While each project has its own thematic, a common thread is the negotiation between individual desires and collective reality. I am excited to experiment with different forms of decision making in collectives. My art is cross-disciplinary and goes beyond the white cube: the upcoming projects will be seen for example in screens of a new cancer hospital, at Espoo city theatre, in public spaces around Finland and in a small village in Armenia. The grant allows me to dedicate my time in bringing the currently running projects to a good outcome, to be able to commit to long-term ongoing projects, but also to have the chance to experiment with new technologies, develop new concepts and learn about new topics which can enrich and deepen my artistic practise. During the grant period I will focus on working with Tellervo Kalleinen, with whom I have formed a duo since 2003. We will concentrate on an interactive 3D art work Collective Mindscape, which comes to the new cancer department of HUS. We plan also a new participatory art work taking place in Armenia. We prepare a solo exhibition, which we hope to have in the Forum Box gallery in 2023 or 2024. A new video installation about our public space game Keskustelupuisto will be at the core of the exhibition. Additionally I will be active in three cross-disciplinary groups: The Speech Karaoke Action Group, Social Tools working group and The Ballot consortium. Parallel to those collaborations I plan to develop a film script for a new longer experimental film about the past and the future of work.