Writer, Artist, Bodyworker Dickey Laressa

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Timebody: experiments in embryological perception

I propose to do artistic research for a performance work tentatively titled Timebody. The project will be based on somatic experiments around embryological theory, daily work with embodied anatomy, improvisation and language making, putting that work and research in the studio space, as well as in the nature around Saari. I want to develop new approaches (scores, forms) to what embryologist Jaap van der Wal calls the body as “being a performance in time,” a radical settling into relationship with the world. I will use somatic research to explore the concept of time in the day, in nature, in one's body. Two months would give me time to see changes in light, in surroundings, time to follow a cycle of unfolding, time to experiment with embryological time and daily experiments in somatic research. How does this research accumulate, what does it evolve into, and what becomes visible/readable to an audience? At the end of the embryological development, usually we have a small person who enters the world and develops over a life cycle. What would emerge during my time at Saari, related to embryological time and timing? I propose that embryological forces of our beginnings are still alive in our bodies, informing our organization of body/mind, influencing our timing, our sense of ourselves in the world. My project is a sensory study of observation, somatic experiments, documentation, and creative response. The following questions interest me: · How to make a public when sharing/translating deep internal process? · What are the choreographic possibilities suggested by the embryo? How does the relationship to ongoing forms unfolding and ever-changing in time relate to art-making? · What arises between choreographed/set processes and internal, unconscious ones? · How to make work from somatic practice that respects aesthetic quality? · What is the role of imagination and performance as a basis of crisis response?