Artist, curator Nishida Hikari

97100 €

The Temporary Bookshelf: a platform for artistic publishing in Finland.

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

I am applying as an individual for working on my project of The Temporary Bookshelf, for the years 2024-2025, part-time salary, and expenses to organize events and projects: -(event) Under the Leaf Art Book Fair #4 and #5 -(project) Publishing Actions! #1 and #2 -(project) Book Surprise Newsletter The salary and outsourcing services consists of an assistant or intern, graphic designer in charge (communication of events), web designer (website). The Temporary Bookshelf (TTB), a platform for art publications which circulates them in the art and design context. I curate bookshops, book fairs and organize related events for artists, authors, designers, based in Finland and abroad. TTB started in 2021, after my favorite bookshop in Helsinki was about to close, in Kosminen Art Space. The bookshop was run by the independent publisher Khaos Publishing, and was presenting a selection of self-published books, and independent publishers’ books. After it closed, I started TTB in Kosminen, as a non-profit art bookshop with a selection of 70 titles from Finland and abroad. After Kosminen art space closed in 2022, the bookshop moved to organizing more events. The current focus is on how to circulate the titles in a nomadic mode and each of the time in new ways: book launches, book fairs, book events, including workshops, live performances, installation art, among others. The aim of The Temporary Bookshelf comes from the passion though the medium of artistic publishing and work for collective purposes.