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The Role of Business in Global Sustainability Transformations

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This book, to be published with Routledge, is meant to be a primary reference for researchers and practitioners from various sustainability-related business disciplines, converging towards the shared effort of investigating how business should or could contribute to sustainability transformation. It addresses the current global expectation, raised since 2015 in the contexts of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit and the Climate Change Conference, that the private sector will have an increasingly relevant role in addressing socio-ecological sustainability challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, land use competition, disruption of biogeochemical cycles and consequent impacts on human social and economic well-being. The aim is to connect multiple concepts and phenomena which are currently exercising traction or influence in the way business sustainability can be formulated, under the overarching vision of the Sustainable Development Goals, planetary boundaries and strong sustainability. Communication between the authors of the different chapters is thus pivotal to succesfully achieveing the goal of the book. The grant is thus needed to support networking between the authors.