M.A, visual & performance artist Kamehkhosh Parsa ja työryhmä (The Other Side)

219000 €

The Other Side: The Intersection of Performance Art & Camera

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

The Other Side working group, formed by artists Aman Askarizad and Parsa Kamehkhosh, strives to play a role in transforming Vantaa into a more vibrant hub for art enthusiasts. We focus on performance art (not to be confused with performing arts), and aimed at curating and organizing live performance festivals, video performance screenings, and an educational project, in Vantaa city. For too long, Helsinki has dominated the Finnish art scene, leaving Vantaa with limited artistic opportunities. Our dedication to Vantaa as our hub aims to set forth its artistic potential and rejuvenate the city's quiet art scene. In our team, we acknowledge both distinctions in our individual approaches and practices, as well as our shared objectives which creates a balanced environment within our projects. We run 4 projects annually. 1. A peer collaborative initiative called “The Sidewalk” is a platform for ideation and production of video performances and is aimed at engaging Vantaa residents. It encourages participants to explore their lived experiences through performance art as a vehicle for self-expression. 2. Annual live performance Festival as an occurrence that bridges the gap between well-established performance art festivals and independent events across Finland. 3. Screening events, including a) screening nights with an emphasis on the diverse roles of the camera in performance art, showcase the artists who create works specifically for the camera. b) Screening tours across libraries in Vantaa which introduces residents to contemporary performance art. 4.To contribute to building an art community in Vantaa we set up casual monthly Open-door gatherings at The Other Side space in Martinlaakso. Within these gatherings, we provide an opportunity for people to utilize the space for experimental purposes. Our values prioritize collaboration, diversity, inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and ethical representation in art curation with a focus on decolonizing methodologies