MFA Czyzyk Monika ja työryhmä (Monstersweet)

50000 €

The interspecies affair in a forest of bamboozle, an ecological tale about synchronicity and how to save the world. A docufiction film and graphic novel

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

I would like to continue and expand a global art project which originated a few months ago during my residency at The Institute for Provocation located in Beijing, China. My ongoing project has to do with an inexplicable desire and relationship with a plant species of bamboo. This fictional interspecies affair jump started my collaborative research into ecological-fiction, global space programs and public performances with communities living deep in nature. How I became one with bamboo? This summer in a traditional Chinese mountain village in Anhui province I collaborated with local inhabitants performing a ritualistic launching of a bamboo rocket. Through video I documented the stories and lives of people living in close proximity to the vast bamboo forests. It’s the main resource for their entire existence. This species represents all the inspirational qualities of what an empathic human being could be. An environmental superhero. Within the framework and speculative ideas of docu-fiction I would like to create a film, exhibition and reimagined graphic novel within the Ecological-fiction genre. I also will create workshops and performances on how to become a superhero bamboo species exploring their inspirational, mysterious and sustainable properties. I will be researching and collaborating with Ähtäri Zoo, ProAgria who is currently cultivate overwintering bamboo species in Finland, The Botanical Garden in Finland and The Finnish Astronautical Society.