Doctoral Candidate Ameer Irfan

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The Evolution and Control of Institutionalized Bribery: A study of pharmaceutical sales environment in developing country markets

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Topic significance: Bribery control is one of the biggest challenge for multinational companies (MNCs) operating in developing country markets. These widespread practices are istitutionalized as they are strongly linked to weak socio-economic conditions and collective norms of those countries. Key objective and sub- objectives: The main objective of this research is to explore the evolution and control of institutionalized bribery in sales environment of developing country markets. This dissertation is a compilation of four articles. Each article's objectives are mentioned below: Paper 1- To propose a practice based approach to study unethical behavior in sales. Paper 2- To investigate the evolution process of bribery. Paper 3- To design a framework for multinationals to control institutionalized bribery. Paper 4- To study the strategic responses of multinationals' towards the pressure of institutionalized bribery. Implications: First, practice based approach employed in this research is a new and unique way to study unethical behavior in sales. Second, it sheds light on the dark side of business relationships by showing how bribery spread through the relationships and established as industrial and societal level norms. Third, I explore firm’s social responsibility role to fight against an important and a chronic problem for both business and society. Finally, study explores strategic ways through which firms can cope with institutionalized bribery.