MA Hossain Md Arman

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Teaching and learning of information and communication technology and information literacy skills in library and information science schools

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The present study intends to develop and test a pedagogical model Guided-inquiry for information literacy (GIIL) to improve Information literacy and ICT self-efficacy of Library and information science (LIS) students. The study also aims to increase our knowledge of Library and Information Science students' ICT skills, the learning sources to acquire the skills, the role of informal peer learning in this process, and the association of students' self-estimated ICT skills with their Information literacy competencies. The study has adopted a mixed-method approach. An online survey was conducted to know the level of ICT self-efficacy of LIS students. Subsequently, a pre-and post-test based teaching intervention was carried out to test a novel pedagogical model for teaching and learning ICT and Information Literacy skills. The doctoral study is article-based, and it intends to publish four articles in international peer-reviewed journals. The research plan has been implemented in two phases. In the first phase of the study, an online survey on ICT self-efficacy of LIS students was carried out using a self-report questionnaire. The study explored the ICT self-efficacy of LIS students, the sources to acquire the skills, and the role of informal peer learning in developing ICT knowledge and skills. In the second and final phase, a pedagogical model GIIL was developed to improve IL knowledge and skills and ICT self-efficacy of LIS students. An IL assessment tool ILAT was also designed and developed to examine IL knowledge and skills of LIS students. Subsequently, a teaching intervention with pre-and post-tests and a control group was carried out in a LIS school to test the effectiveness of the pedagogical model GIIL.