Performance artist Boitcova Vera

4800 €

Tales of Transformation

It is a video/live performance and archive project that explores the possibility of transforming personal and shared traumas into fairytales filled with digital ghosts and video-twins. This project is a form of healing through creative expression, deliberate exaggeration, and looking at trauma (or any important experience) from a different angle. It is meant to be narrated live, and be accompanied by a variety of video-characters projected on a surface – all written, designed, played and filmed by the same author. With this project I aim to adopt a more careful and gentle approach to working with troubling personal narratives. I have already written and filmed some of my stories, and now I plan to expand by collaborating with other willing participants through a series of workshops that will take place in 2019. The final goal is to create a communal interactive fairytale book that can be updated whenever a new participant arrives. The planned outcome is the following 3 things: - a series of video/live performances based on real stories re-worked as fairy tales; - a youtube archive of videos used in these performances; - a web-library of tales, each accompanied by a video and photos. Another aim of this project is to explore the ways in which live performance can be merged with video subsequently allowing to create multiple characters with just one performer, and to work in different settings without using props and changing actual stage sets.