Artist Stark Christina

5500 €

speaking 19 – inessive Part II

As an artist and linguist I would like to utilize the residency period to continue the artistic research project 'speaking 19 - inessive Part I+II'. With the focus on two main linguistic features of the Finnish language, the 'missä' case or inessive case and the Finnish vowel harmony I am trying to take a look at the way we act and the manner we comprehend our environment, interdependent by language use. Because speaking is acting. My thesis is: the structures in which our language places us, affects our way of being. Literally I want to expand into space. I want to develop sound - image - language - space - collages: I want to spread the original table interview setting into the room to render possible language insight and language reflection as a spatial experience: Like dance in the use of language. Like stroll in reflecting language. Like plead for the creative use of language structures. For my way of working I do need to be surrounded by the tone of the language I am involved with and best case scenario is to work in a multi-language situation, like an artist in residence place with different native speakers. And for an another interview series I'd prefer to meet people live and in contact, therefore I'd be glad to get the opportunity to work in Finland.