Performer-composer, sound artist, bandoneonist Krapovickas Mercedes

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Sonic Explorations: Music Improvisation and Live Performances

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I am applying for a one year working grant from the Kone Foundation to support my artistic research project titled "Sonic Explorations: A Journey through Improvisation and Live Performances." This project seeks to push the boundaries of musical creativity and engage audiences in unique, immersive live performances over the course of one year. This is an umbrella project, consisting of three works: Nature, Playing Cities and Neons II - Sound Textures. For every stage, I will dedicate time for experimenting and composing and then I will perform them in different venues. At its core, Sonic Explorations is driven by the idea that improvisation transcends traditional boundaries, creating a space where creativity and expression intertwine effortlessly. I will explore how improvisation not only creates an enchanting environment for communication and interaction but also bridges the gaps between art, nature, and the vibrant pulse of our cities. Nature Scores is an artistic collaboration with German composer Mareike Dobewall. We will work on the co-creation of an eco-conscious music performance based on “nature scores” (graphic scores). The aim is to create a music performance that highlights the beauty and resilience of nature while fostering environmental consciousness. Playing Cities is a work based on "city scores" that reflect spatial aspects of urban environments and their relationship with the environment. This pieces are electroacoustic, where I use my bandoneon as a controller to trigger live-electronics. Neons II - Sound Textures is a work that seeks to explore a rich blend of sonic elements, textures, and spatial experiences. It is a piece for bandoneon and electronics in three movements. The integration of sounds from nature, machines, cities, and the bandoneon can create a rich tapestry of auditory experiences.