Visual artist Lono Amanda

64800 €

Smashed DIVAS

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

I'm working on a new project called Smashed DIVAS. It is a series of video sound installations about kinship and migration through my family's history. The continuous series of transformations of this project will be presented in different formats and contexts throughout the span of 2 years. My aim is to continue the exploration of archive material and personal memories to reshape or replace them into their own visual and sensorial language in multiple forms. The language is charged by re-imagining different cultural archives, which are fused with my own imagery translated into sound, collage, sculpture, and drawing. In my artistic process, I have previously used various materials, such as '90s Venezuelan tv-adds, old gay erotica magazines from Sweden, telenovelas, found textiles, cultural imperialist imagery, and pop stars that have had an effect on my practice. My intention is to expand the fragmented imagery through the findings of the archive material in my current environment, Helsinki. I want to reframe and discover new potential materialities in LGBT archives from Finland. I have the urge to combine the nostalgia and personal memories of my past in Venezuela with my experience as an artist in my adulthood in Finland. The grant period therefore consists of collecting, processing, and producing portraits with videos and sensorial materiality into an (unfinished) ensemble.