Artist Stylianou Nicolina

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Siamese-twins: artistic work that explores the synthesis of Apolline (information) and Dionysiac (noise) through fabricating performative sound sculptures and sound compositions

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

Siamese-twins is a series of performative sound sculptures assisting my sound compositions and live performances. The next two years I propose to creatively research on (a) noise and information (b) studying John Cage’s methodology (c) Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophical views on the tensed cultures: the Apolline and the Dionysiac; (d) fabricating performative sound sculptures. The creative research illustrates the relation between the Apolline and Dionysiac: where their conflicting nature dissolves when they come into co-existence. I plan to explore in depth Nietzsche’s philosophical thought towards the submersion of the two mythical brothers. I propose that through the study on Cage’s method and Nietzsche’s views, I will seek subversive approaches to sound and performing compositions by experimenting with new materials. The proposed creative research collects information from (a) case studies: John Cage’s archive (Music Division in NYPL): including scores, manuscripts, sketches, video, audio, and interviews; (b) experimental designs; (c) a series of ontological questions; (d) Greek mythology; (e) documents, books, literature; and (f) artworks. Conceivable outputs of this research include the forthcoming live performance presentations in Europe and Asia; an event curation with Finnish and Cypriot artist; and a workshop.