MA, Artist and Filmmaker Roberts Mark

8400 €

Research and Development of Ideas for New Film Dealing with Climate Issues

| Yksivuotinen

I will use the period of the home residency to begin researching subjects and ideas for a new documentary-fiction film. The film will continue to investigate themes of climate change and interspecies relationships / co-dependencies that were explored in previous films such as "To Teach a Bird to Fly". As the subject matter of climate change is vast, time is needed to focus on a singular issue that can be investigated further, and adapted into a film. The process for this research will begin with reading widely about species extinctions, human- and non-human-animals, interspecies relationships and dependencies, and their relationships to climate change as a whole. Once a theme has been identified, deeper, more focused research will be carried out. The aim is to seek out a particular species or event which can be explored more through the medium of docu-fiction film. This deeper research is a vital stage in the development of a new idea, and time is needed to allow ideas to gestate and take form. It is also important to allow initial ideas to be explored and then rejected. Based on experience, this initial exploration/rejection process leads to the discovery and development of the final idea. The three months might roughly be said to comprise: - Month 1: Broader, wide research into climate change and species extinctions - Month 2: Identify focal point, read deeper into that subject, start to explore ideas related to that - Month 3: Continued research into narrow field, identifying common themes, exploring parallel ideas for narrative