Ph. D student Ding Yiyang

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Quantification and drivers for belowground carbon input in boreal forest

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Ectomycorrhizal (EcM) fungi live in symbiosis with many tree species and its biomass is reported to equal with fine root biomass in boreal forests. Its importance in carbon (C) cycling in forest ecosystems is highly recognized but the poor knowledge of EcM mycelia turnover leads to a great gap in quantifying belowground C inputs. Commonly used sequential mycelial ingrowth mesh-bags ignore the continuous growth and death of mycelia in the field. Instead, we will use an advanced scanner method to visually detect the turnover (lifespan) of EcM mycelia and fine roots based on daily capture of images in forests predominated by the Scots pine in different climates. We will connect the observed dynamics with the environmental factors and the status of the host tree. This method has potential to be outbreaking in quantifying the belowground C inputs, which are urgently needed in order to quantify for soil C sequestration.