Poet Castaño Yolanda

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“Poética e Economía. Vivir do poema non é vivir do conto”. (Poetics and Economy)

Literature is one of the culture heritages that makes the most towards the construction of a national identity. State and community later press home this identity’s advantage, but writers contribute to it in a very individual and private way. Regarding this culture heritage, poetry still plays a prominent role. However, the romantic legacy keeps on placing the poetic exercise at the margins of cultural production in the contemporary economic context. In the Spanish and Galician environment, consequences of this traditional thought force poets to develop his/her job far from creative writing grants, without any help and leaning on a poor market or else pushing their artistic work into a subordinate position. This proves that creative writing is lately tending to let the means of production on middle-class hands, if only they can assume its amateur nature. What kind of strategies of professionalization can writers follow nowadays, and what would they mean within the current economic configuration? Can poetry survive in capitalism? Out of it? Can it do it using the fissures of system? I would use the first 1 to 2 weeks for research. Then, I will combine portraits and chronicles out from my own experience, stylized in a creative way or featured under an artistic gaze, in order to reveal what kind of values are institutionalized. Thoughts, conclusions but also the proposition of strategies that poets should try in order to strengthen their sector and develop it would complete a literary project that combines report, politics, creative writing and economic analysis. Poetry and economy are two fields that is hard to see together. I would like to try to break those prejudices combining both fields from a philosophical point of view. The result will be a creative essay mixing poetic thought (close to philosophy but even more transcendent, coloristic and evocative) and economic analysis in a shocking, original and groundbreaking way.