Musician Hocherman Jonas

6500 €

Plankton Muse

My project for this residency is part of the master's degree I am doing in Brazil in poetics of musical creation at the UFRJ. I'm developing an artistic research involving the composition of the piece Plankton Muse, which will be created from the sonification of the data of the research on the dynamics of the life of the Phytoplankton made by the Finnish Institute of the Environment (SYKE) in the Baltic Sea. This project is inserted in the context of the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), proclaimed by the United Nations (UN). In this context, the scientific dissemination and democratization of scientific knowledge is a matter of great importance for society and scientific institutions, legitimizing these scientific productions and raising awareness among the public, in a creative and accessible way, on the importance of ocean sustainability. The piece Plankton Muse will be approximately 9 minutes long and will be written for the formation of a Big Band. The choice of this formation was due to the orchestral, timbristic and textural possibilities that are some of the musical parameters that will be explored for the translation of data on phytoplankton dynamics. This project is the first to work the sonification process from the Partitional Analysis (PA) in the elaboration of a piece. Currently in the master's degree I'm doing some studies of methods of mapping and transformation of ecological data on Phytoplankton in compositional materials and a survey of the possibilities of application of PA to work sonification in the field of textures. I like to say that we are creating the "rules of the game" that will be played. I believe that the Saari Residence will allow me to be immersed in Finnish nature and add an invaluable dimension. Being close to my source of research will cooperate in the creative process, bringing other meanings beyond what concerns its methodological and innovative basis.