Musician and singer, Mantere Teri

7200 €

Ongoing music and lyric writing, and remote collaboration with overseas musicians

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My objective is, primarily, to write and record music, and seek and execute cooperation both remotely and in person with other musicians and song writers. During this pandemic lockdown period I will take part in a project called 'The Pandemic Orchestra', which was started by a musician friend of mine in Germany. Musicians in several countries are contributing instrumental parts to the music, recording parts themselves and then pooling the music for post production. I will be contributing both instrumental and vocal parts to this project. This is an unpaid collaboration I will also be writing lyrics for a colleague in Finland for her to write her own music to. A third objective, which is what I work on whenever I can, is to write and compose my own music, later recording it and aiming to perform it or have it picked up for publishing. This is all with a view to broaden my musical career to an international level, ultimately to be my livelihood. So far, I have financed all of my personal endeavours through freelance musician work and teaching work.