Dr., Sociologist Tkach Olga ja työryhmä

18000 €

On the Road with the Big Layered Cake: A Thoughtful Journey Through the Russian-Finnish Neighborhood

The proposed project is a continuation and development of the ongoing project "The Big Layered Cake: towards the conceptualization of neighborness". The project is an infrastructure supplement to the Big Layered Cake and holds a set of new forms of research and artistic work that were not initially planned but emerged as a response to the Special Call and can help to finalize the initial project in the best and most conscious way. Namely, this project proposes a number of actions to facilitate communication within the project team for joint analytical work and production of project’s results, crucial at the stage of finalizing the project. It also aims at developing a virtual presentation of the project and transforming project’s website into an open access resource on academic and art studies of neighborship. Among the project’s actions are: regular virtual encounters of the project team and partners (Skype conferences etc), a series of ‘real’ encounters of the project team and partners (seminars etc), ‘a Thoughtful Journey’ - research expedition to the Finnish-Russian borderlands by cars and bicycles, a field trip "Neighboring trough time", a real and virtual social science-art exhibition 'Neighboring Through Time'.