Multidisciplinary Sonic-based-Artist/Researcher Castrillón Arcila Sergio Andrés

72000 €

On the edge of the contour: a series of experimental-multi-sonic performances and analysis-based texts created by means of comprovisation

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

On the Edge of the contour is a two-year art project that integrates research. The main convergent point between the artistic part (4 experimental-multi-sonic performances) and research (4 analytical texts based on the art works) is comprovisation. According to composer S. Bhagwati, comprovisation appears as a practice that allows score-base notated pieces the inclusion of improvisational elements, generating the coexistence between a contingent moment of performance, and a context-independent system of rules. Here I propose to use comprovisation as: 1) An experimental creative process, 2) A tool for using non-traditional notation or scoring, and 3) An analysis method for experimental-multi-sonic pieces. Namely, the core of its compositional-performative aim is expanded into a multifunctional tool that can be applied to different creative and analytical processes. Due to my role as a multidisciplinary sonic-based-artist/researcher and my transcultural identity, within this project I plan to develop ideas of experimental cross-genre creativity, multi-sonic performance, and instrumental deconstruction. Reassess soundscape composition, and the use of electronic devices and noise. Delve into physical approaches to sound performance, as well as gestuality in sound and music theater, using as study material Charlotte Moorman's, Nam June Paik's, Mauricio Cagel's, and some of my own works. Finally, I propose to integrate the concepts of displacement and geocultural identity by philosophers J. Rancière and R. Kusch respectively. The works are all created and performed by myself and registered live in different scopes in Helsinki, in order to avoid traveling. Also to foster a more ecological awareness in art making, I plan to only use equipment found at hand, aiming to accomplish a sort of domestic and self-sustainable set up for each piece. On the other hand, all the registrations and texts will be published in online art platforms that promote mainly experimentalism.