Master of Arts Saumya Vidha ja työryhmä (NO NIIN)

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NO NIIN: at the Cusp of Art, Criticality and Love

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NO NIIN is an online monthly magazine at the cusp of art, criticality and love. It functions as a platform for commissioning writers of any background to express their thoughts in the form of essays, exhibition reviews, interviews, images, poetry & memes about the arts scene in Finland. On the magazine’s website, the readers can also find artist statements, manifestos, visual-essays, playlists, event calendars, reviews of screenings, seminars and workshops. Since our time in Finland, we have sensed a major gap in media coverage around the activities of contemporary art. This lack of coverage reminds one of a family that lives together but doesn't speak to each other. We believe, for an arts scene to be intellectually lively there is an urgent requirement for its members to present their challenges & observations. Without that, we are trapped in a cycle of continuous artistic productions, many of which remain unexamined artistic lives. At the moment, many Finland based critics, historians, writers, & art workers are redefining the contexts of art & art making. To document these concurrent histories we need a cost-effective & accessible platform that connects ideas of our time in a coherent manner, in order to enable conversations that develop over time & invite responses to past issues. NO NIIN offers an opening into the nuanced arts scene of Finland, to understand: How does it work? What defines it? Who are the agents and authors shaping it? How will it change in the future? We publish on the themes of: Art Education, Art Writing, Art Market, Inclusion & Diversity; Love; Exhibition Making; Open Calls; Home; Migration; Artistic Labour & Value; Publicness; Friendship; On Revolt; Graphic Novels & Comics; Policing and Surveillance; Drawing Now; Art & Feminism; Discontent: Black, Queer & Feminist Parables; Critique of Art Criticism; Archive; Representing Climate Change in Contemporary Art; Art at the End of Capitalism; Failure; Publishing.