Psychologist and Filmmaker Pluchino Mariangela

5000 €


The idea of the Saari 2-month residency program is to have the spatial, temporary and economical conditions in order to be able to write the script for a short fiction film and compactly think about some pre-production tasks. MRZ-664. The film will be about a group of girls that pretend to be drunk and take a taxi to Jarvenpää because is so late that trains don’t go there anymore. When they’re on their way, they kidnap the taxi driver and drive around the suburbs of Helsinki during the whole night. The plot of this film takes place during a whole night and it ends with the sun rising. The film will be mainly narrative fiction but it will include elements of dance and fantasy. The art direction will be crutial to stamp the mood that balances the violence in the plot with elements of beauty in the scenography, lights and photography. This is not a gore film, this is a fantasy film with a strong element of rape and revenge genre. Brief director’s statement & intro Me and my friend were having drinks in the city center of Helsinki, the taxi driver dropped me at my place in Kallio and then tried to kidnapped her, when she realized he was driving towards a direction that wasn’t her home but towards the suburbs of the city, she attacked him by throwing a falafel in his face with the moving car. He stopped the car in the middle of a highway, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the highway and drove away. Before this episode, when I got out of the taxi, I wrote the license number, I wasn’t sure if it was MRZ-334 or MRZ-664. My friend didn’t report him, because she was scared that she “attacked him first”. This project is titled MRZ-664 and it’s a multimedia denounce to that event. During this period of time in Saari residence: I plan to finish: logline, synopsis, treatment, a first draft and after taking feedback from other residents and collaborators, have a final draft of the script.