Educator Balighi Ali

6000 €

Migration inside (an Opera in one scene for a Soprano and a Tenor – electroacoustic ensemble)

Music is not limited to an area, thanks to technology, every one can listen music everywhere, but language is a restriction for listeners. People always listen to pop, rock or classical music without understanding lyrics. They would prefer to make a story with listening to music on their mind, as I did when I was a child. As a result, I made a decision for making contemporary music for singers not with a special language, for instance, I wrote a piece for three Sopranos and Fixed Media which won the third place in Reza Korourian Composition Competition in 2020 and it was played in the forth Tehran International Electronic Music Festival (TIEMF 2021). In this music, I tried to make a connection between language from a sense point of view and fixed media as a musical atmosphere. The relation between sopranos parts is based on rhythm, counterpoint movements, non meaning words and alone letters which help listeners to make thier story and this music can fire listeners' imaginations.