Koreografi BA Elagoz Samira

59800 €

Miehen ja naisen kohtaamista käsittelevän, pitkäaikaisen dokumentatiivisen tutkimustyön syventäminen ja jatkaminen

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kaksivuotinen

I’m applying a two-year working grant to continue and deepen my long-term documentative research into the relations between men and women. My main focus and goals are crossover and transdisciplinary approach, search for new forms and awareness of political and social conflicts and topics, and placing my work on the international scope. Moving from cinematic performance to performative reality, I want to be an original voice in approaching, staging and sharing intimacy. I intend to create two works. I’m interested in how to blend the real and the artificial. I feel like I have an aptitude for exemplifying the absurd in conventional, real-life situations. While before my work was more about authenticity and exploring genuine interactions reality, I now want to amplify or exaggerate the male/female dynamic by setting ups scenes with the strangers I meet. My first project is about weddings, the performativity of them, and how they traditionally, are rather absurd social rituals. I will go on a hunt for a husband around the world. My second project is about death and suicide. How would we like to die? I will explore the demonstration of death, and how it might have some therapeutic value in and of itself.