Master of Arts Mahbouba Saara ja työryhmä

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Memory of a Day I Wasn’t There For

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Memory of a Day I Wasn’t There For is a project that examines post-migration and cultural legacy: how identity is constructed through the fragmented information that has been carried over (or left behind) and passed down as intergenerational inheritance. This project deals with storytelling: how individual recollections and ways of understanding are shared, understood, and misunderstood to create new bodies of knowledge and ways of being. The year-long project includes three iterations: 1. Exhibition at MAA-Tila, 2. Adaptation of exhibition into short film and publication 3. Expanding project themes into an interactive workshop. The work group consists of Hanan Mahbouba and Saara Mahbouba – siblings using the concept of collaboration as a terrain of experimental research. The project is rooted in their own cultural background (Finland, Iraq, and the U.S.) and growing up in-between spaces, cultures, languages, and identities. Their work draws upon familial and public archival material along with their own artistic production. Their interdisciplinary collaboration utilizes critical theory, filmmaking, painting, and writing to create multifaceted visual artworks. Their collaboration functions as a form of cross checking: two separate memories of the same life events and intergenerational stories, interpreted through differing artistic approaches. The work situates the personal and the familial into greater historical and political contexts. Asking, how do we navigate between respecting the autonomy and agency of individuals from past generations, while acknowledging the interconnectivity of our experiences? With this project we wish to elevate informal archives of knowledge and experience with the aim of working through the complexity of our own contemporary experiences.