MA Dance and Somatic Well Being Davison Sally

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MBody – My Body is My Resource. Development of an online presence of somatic movement practice through virtual space. A resource to develop virtual networks in redreaming body-based connections.

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I aim to research and develop virtual space as an alive interactive space grounded in body-based somatic practices. I have been facilitating somatic movement improvisation workshops intensely over the last 3 weeks. During this process, I realised the same information is shared as if you are physically in the same studio space together. What changes is 'how' you offer the same principles through a virtual medium. This has woken up a different dimension of space in my field of awareness, and I intuitively wonder are there other phenomenological perspectives of humanness that can be woken up and developed through this way of relating to each other through the body? I aim to develop somatic movement practices online that create support, self-agency, discovery and connection for people who may feel isolated at this time from their own bodies and in their living situations. How can embodiment be developed virtually? What needs to be different in terms of redreaming facilitation? Can awareness of movement phenomena gain new ground in working the same time different place, wherever people are geographically? How can people be invited to move differently in their homes and create new relationships with 'other' nonhuman forms that surround them? In the absence of human touch can we open to all the otherness of touch of sensing materiality through a living organism awareness? Sharing from the inner space of moving can we feel each other as if we are in the same physical space? How can this interface be developed that can grow perceptions that allow movement perception to grow that is not bound by being directly in the same physical space? We all have our technology-related habits. How can bodily presence shift or develop more possibilities within this frame? For example, being aware of breath, weight, lateral and backspace to decentralize the screen so not a focal point but part of the living environment we are moving in and through as we move in virtual space together.