Screenwriter, Creative Producer, Director Zerpa Carlos

14400 €

LOA. Kill Your Masters

LOA, Kill Your Masters is an animation project that reimagines the events related to slavery and its abolition in Saint Domingue / Haiti in the late 18th century. The film mixes a historically plausible representation of characters, traditions, and situations, with supernatural and magical manifestations of Vodou to finally offer an alternative solution to the revolutionary crisis that leads to emancipation and dignity. The movie follows the story of Rosalie, a young slave girl raised by her Madame, oblivious to the suffering of blacks on a sugarcane plantation. Until one day, after witnessing the suicide of Chayna, her best friend, Rosalie gets lost in the mountain and finds a cave where a LOA initiates her in Vodou. Years later, Rosalie will wander between the paths of revenge or justice, not realizing that her choice will decide the fate of the island. This film wants to be a response to the imaginary of invisibilization and contempt against Haiti in general, and against Haiti’s revolution in particular. Haiti's liberation was the crucible of transatlantic revolutionary liberation, in which human rights and the concept of "universal emancipation" from racial and class oppression were forged. However, although there are many films about the French, the Industrial, and the American revolutions; the Haitian has suffered neglect or outright demonization. Maybe because of its blackness? Pro-Western ideologues of "progress" and "civilization" have ridiculed ritual practices of African origin as evidence of the inability of the Caribbean people to embrace "modernity", of their inability to emancipate and sovereignty. Although LOA deals on the surface with the processes of enslavement and independence in Haiti, its dramatic arc foreshadows post-colonial legacy echoes. This movie will NOT be a horror story but a story of empowerment through sacrifice, wit, and magic, as a comment against the demonization of black religions in western culture.