Singer and Composer Albu Sarah

5000 €

Larynx Puppet: Four Explorations of Contemporary Vocality

I am a singer, composer and performance maker working mostly in experimental music, folk music and interdisciplinary collaborations. I am also an experienced knitter and spinner and textile artist. Musically I work in notated, aural and improvised forms and often work as a singer and performer of other artists' works. My plan applying for this residency is to spend a concentrated two-month period composing and developing several pieces that are in various stages of development at the time of writing. These include: 1) A solo vocal performance piece for myself involving a hand-knit anatomically correct larynx puppet 2) A theatrical/choreographic percussion work for Noam Bierstone 3) A voice and electronics piece for Andrea Young incorporating DIY electronics, folk song and field recordings 4) A new vocal piece for Phth collective This project deals with contemporary experimental vocality and questions of the connection, both real and perceived, between voice and body. Using sound, textiles, physicality/movement and theatre the questions are examined through a humourous and curious lens.