Choreographer, Performer Lukkarila Lau

7200 €

Kneading to the 3rd Millennia

| Yksivuotinen

I am developing a new work under the title ‘KNEADING TO THE 3RD MILLENNIA'. In the Home Residency I want to craft a new methodology for the upcoming work and start a dialogue with my collaborators. April - June 2020: I create a new methodology and begin the research in a home studio. I work with the notion of ‘emotional body’ in the act of creating, dancing and performing and I propose ‚erotic’ and ‚pathos’ as choreographic tools and modes of working. I create weekly tasks which deal with body memory, metaphoricality, pathos, ethos, logos, eros, porn, self-care, self-absorbtion, emotional chastity, pain, melodrama and privilege. Based on my research I start an online dialogue with my potential collaborators Frida Giulia Franceschini (IT/DE), Mateusz Szymanówka (PL/DE), Tiran Willemse (ZA/DE), Sheena McGrandles (IR/DE), Charlie Laban Trier (DK/NL), Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (DK/NL), Calendal Close (DE), Claudia Lomoschitz (AT) and Veza Fernández (ES/AT), who have all responded with an interest to take part in the project. I give my weekly research tasks to the collaborators and ask them to document their experiences. As they send me the material, I bring it together into a multimedia research portfolio by the end of June. FURTHER PLANS September 2020: I apply for a project funding to realise a production ‘KNEADING TO THE 3RD MILLENNIA’ in 2021 with brut Wien. Autumn 2020 - summer 2021: I meet with collaborators in residencies in different cities (Vienna, Berlin, Zürich) between 2020-2021 (FREISCHWIMMEN), following the path of the research from the Home Residency period. We exchange personal experiences, disciplines and working methods (spaces/studios in negotiation). Each encounter is documented and the experience of working together artistically rounds off to a performance. Autumn 2021: I realise the project ‘KNEADING TO THE 3RD MILLENNIA’ with 2 collaborators who have already been part of the research period (depending on the collaborator's availabilities)