Writer, musician, artist Holmstrand Leif

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”Karen From Finance”, or ”The Actual World”

Secular or Fake Magic and Shamanism as Game, Change Management and Survival Activity: Artistic Method or Consequence of Art? Three starting points from my own production: 1. "Berlin Magic Model Project", a month long set of performance rituals dealing with male and trans-feminine prostitution and personal borders, Berlin, Germany 1999. 2. "Fake Bones", ten days long happening/performance cooperation with OLTA (an artist collective from Tokyo), dealing with the idea of non-authenticity and fake as serious material for magical and paranoid creation and procreation, Malmö, Sverige 2015. 3. "Nonsense Translation", an action or happening dealing with waste and refuse as not only readable and valid cultural artifacts but as parts of a larger ongoing magic act, and the essence of fake-shamanistic, very sincere ceremonies, Vladivostok, Russia 2018. I wish to produce a book of fiction about re-defined urban shamanism, contemporary magic, queer rituals, queer prostitution and related paranoia. This book will be structured around the three pieces mentioned earlier, but more as framework for impressions of art outside my own practice. Probably a novel. My own personal experiences of selling sex and dealing with psychosis/schizophrenia included (no such social or health problems these days – a lot of time has passed).