Artist Schönberger Sonya ja työryhmä

10300 €

In Light of Plants

'In Light of Plants' will explore plant power, plant-human histories and plant-human relations through an experimental, co-created workshop, stimulating and supporting a critical materialised dialogue. It brings artists and curators together from UK, Germany and Finland, who share a long term engagement with plants in their work, to share methodologies and research. At Saari we will share research and experiment with different methodologies, including plant-based photographic techniques and 16mm ‘Phytogram’ animation techniques, performance with plants, collaborative listening and writing exercises with plants. We will invite a local ecologist to teach us more about the local vegetation. The co-constructive and generative nature of the residency will nurture a critical peer group environment. The residency will offer artists the benefit of time and space to reflect upon and enrich their practices through a focused period of investigation and experimentation as well as the generation of new methods and approaches that can inform their own work.