Filmmaker Zapata-Girau Andrea ja työryhmä (IMATRA)

63850 €

Imatra – Production of a short film and video podcasts about the subjects of addiction, free will and the creation of habitable spaces of intimacy

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

IMATRA is a film and thought project carried out by an intergenerational multidisciplinary team of professionals from the Arts and Social Sciences that includes filmmaker Andrea Zapata-Girau (Vigo, Spain, 1986), journalist, photographer and translator Lasse Poser (Hannover, Germany, 1986), sociologist Sonja Lampinen (Ruokolahti, Finland, 1990), dramaturge and facilitator Kimmo Hokkanen (Helsinki, Finland, 1973), sociologist, musician and sound recordist Staffan Södergård (Espoo, Finland, 1989), retired scholar in theatre sciences and expert on political philosophy Petri Tervo (Helsinki, Finland, 1957) and retired librarian, christian-marxist philosopher Ilkka Hirvi (Tampere, Finland, 1953). It consists of a 15–25 min film directed by Andrea Zapata-Girau and written by Zapata-Girau and Lasse Poser, with addiction, freewill and the creation of habitable spaces of intimacy as central topics, and also four video podcasts of 1 hour each directed by Poser and with guests, that will be used to develop further the themes that will be presented in the film, bringing out these topics to public debate. The project was born out of a series of earlier collaborations of members of this team that had as a result the short films Aava (2016) and Ruovesi (2022). Through the path these previous works provided us, in Imatra we continue to delve into the complexity of kinship systems based on texts by contemporary authors and also integrating the direct experience of people who live or have lived the situations addressed and who play the roles of the main characters, creating a film in which elements of fiction cinema, non-fiction cinema and contemporary art coexist. "Imatra" and our two previous shorts are autonomous in relation to each other, although together they constitute a unity and have the same Finnish-Chilean family as the protagonist, each piece focusing on one member of this family. Funding requested for: 1. Making the short film Imatra 2. Making 4 video podcast