MA, MFA Yurkova Ksenia

7200 €

Historical Narratives/ Hysterical Narratives

| Yksivuotinen

I am creating a safe space for the on-line performative interactions and meeting the representatives of different kinds of social groups, identities, welcoming any type of artistic practices; I offer to create a common space, a shelter, and ponder on the topic of historical/ hysterical narratives, mainly focusing on the aspects of personal and political affects. I am focusing on the traumatizing events and their implications on individual and artistic endeavours of the creators. Inspired by the environment of the festival-laboratory Shelter (which I was running for two years), I am reconceptualizing the idea of “safe” and “individual” which still can remain common and collaborative. I consider that my artistic practice can test new forms of networking and international interchange of artists and cultural practitioners. The topics I mostly concern about are history and present as a common/ separate affective experience; individual affects which are becoming a token of political process; artistic labor and forms of self-organisation. The problematic of individual/ political affects has been a topic of my artistic research for a long time. I am especially focused on the phenomenon of affect in its autonomous bodily emanation; in its personal and political registers. I focus upon how a stage of individual perception, to which one can relate memory, traumatic recollection and problems of identity construction, transforms itself into affects of the political body. For this reason, the collaborative work with performance artists seem to be important: being on the lockdown is a chance of deep self-obselvation and observation of your peers or artistic partners.