MFA Cemin Laura

97200 €

Full-time artistic work, creation of two exhibitions, new performative works and publications

Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kolmivuotinen

My work explores the potential of performance in its many forms: using playfulness and humour, I ponder if a text could be a dance, or if everyday objects can be characters of a play. My projects examine how language shapes both individual and societal movement patterns. Movement isn’t just a central theme in my work; it’s also the way I navigate my practice, which oscillates between fields, contexts, and countries. This multidisciplinary exploration makes my practice porous, allowing these experiences to speak through one another: my background in dance makes my writing visual and rhythmical, my approach to text makes my installations three-dimensional wordplays. Drawing connections between objects and the body makes my dramaturgy freely associative. After years of working at these intersections, I realise that my strength is rooted in my role as a translator, always in-between, observing and interpreting. In the next 3 years, I will keep operating across multiple fields, exploring translation as theme and as guiding principle. In 2024, I will produce a solo exhibition, exploring the morphology of one's gestures during the course of adapting to new countries or languages. Additionally, I will collaborate on a performance and publication “A book of dances”, initiated by Anne Naukkarinen (FI). In 2025, together with Bianca Hisse (NO) I will develop “Shifting tones”, audiovisual installation mapping the concept of foreign “accents” from speech onto movement, in turn serving a broader investigation of how transnational mobility leaves traces on migrants’ body movement. The work will result in an exhibition, and then evolve into a stage performance. I will continue to work as dramaturg with Keithy Kuuspu (EE) producing the final performance of a trilogy we initiated in 2021. Lastly, I'll embrace a new role as a librettist for "Goodallgood”, performance by Essi Kausalainen (FI)