Visual artist and cinematographer Wakrim Meriem

5000 €

From nature

Life is both multiple and one. There's not only humans between humans. It is important to remember nature as all the living things. When we can observe with all our consciousness the beauty of a tree, of the light of a moment of the day, of the water of a river, it is a feeling of great freedom. Sometimes when the mind is silent we can enjoy these flights of feeling of living together in harmony with everything else. Borders disappear for a moment. The human being is both destructive and can also be this being who mourns his mother, who contemplates nature beauty and tragedy with the same eyes. Beauty lives in the momentary. In the consciousness of the end. Art can testify to this complex relationship that we have with nature as with ourselves. Art is also a way to access nature. In my drawings I try to talk about life, nature, openness and freedom.