Musician, Instrument Builder, Researcher Cruz Gonçalo

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Forgotten Bagpipes – The Redesign of the Säkkipilli in Finland

Tieteellinen tutkimus ja taiteellinen työ / niihin pohjautuva työ | Yksivuotinen

My research focuses on rebuilding the forgotten Säkkipilli and on reviving the Finnish piping tradition. The core research output will be a final (modern) version of a Säkkipilli, 100% handmade by myself, and its presentation in public music recitals, played by both me and some of the most accomplished Finnish musicians. Because the Finnish bagpipe got extinct, it is essential to rescue the ancestral Säkkipilli, before redesigning it to suit the needs of the professional musicians of today. This historical Säkkipilli will be suited for musicians interested in historical music practices. This research milestone is extremely important. It will be the reference that will allow further improvements aimed at modernizing the Säkkipilli. The final 21th-century version of the Säkkipilli will be designed and produced, as well as an adapted version for teaching young children. My research has two main sides: the doctoral work, conducted inside the Sibelius Academy, with artistic & academic goals; work in the community, to make people active participants in the evolution of the Säkkipilli. Important research often stays closed inside the universities. I created an open platform where people can help and be a part of the Säkkipilli revival. The “Finn’d it initiative” ( is collecting all evidence of the presence of the Säkkipilli and bringing international awareness to piping in Finland. This platform divulges my research data, engages the Finnish people, and promotes 3 main pillars: FIND IT: Survey all evidence of the presence of piping in Finland. BUILD IT: Build Säkkipilli prototypes, that musicians can play, listen to, and discuss “what makes it Finnish”. PLAY IT: Bring awareness to piping in Finland & teach a young generation of musicians how to express themselves with this wonderful instrument.