Artist Mijajlovic Aleksandar ja työryhmä (Eudaemonia )

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Eudaemonia is a Greek word that relates to happiness and welfare. It has been used since Aristotle and we find it remarkably similar to the word “well-being”, often used in sustainability science. Sustainability science aims to improve well-being by uncovering ways to achieve a balance between societies and ecosystems, but achieving this balance requires everyone to do their part. This often involves change of habits, finding new routines, or understanding complexities of the world we live in. For some it is a privilege, for others it may be an insurmountable obstacle. Living responsibly in an ecological sense comes with its own set of challenges that can affect each of us differently. The aim of the project is exploring these challenges from an emotional, personal point of view. Our group has three members, two artists and a researcher. In our professional lives we deal with emotions and habits, change and resilience from very different angles. In order to explore what sustainability means to us or how to be resilient in a changing world, we plan to make a short experimental film. Developing a script and filming a project will allow us to discuss, think, question ourselves and come to better understanding. Throughout the timeline of our project there will be three phases in which our practice will evolve. The first phase will be pre-production and screenplay development. The second phase will be our production period. The third and final phase of production will be a hybrid variation of a standard post production period.