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Diversity in art: art in diversity

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Diversity in art: art in diversity is a series of transcultural art events and workshops, organised by Catalysti in Finland in 2019-2020. The project aims to foster diversity in all its forms, to enrich Finnish society´s multicultural life and create bridges across communities, through an experimental, multidisciplinary and interactive approach. New initiatives will be: Deep Skin, dance performance & workshop on the theme of availability through visibility. Choreography is created from individuals and a group in relation to the audience. With open discussion between audience and performers. Theatre Universum 2.1019. N.Pärssinen choreography & team. International Week Against Racism, 21.3.2019: focus on diversity, with special attention to the LGBT community. Big Brothers and Sisters, two performances on a concept by Victor X, 3.2020. Mirror, mirror sees them all (R.Pugliese & team), Red room (J.Klevering). Deportation, a performance about refugees in a country with almost no refugees. The structure of the drama is the character relationships with employees of a detention centre. Languages: Finnish, English, Polish, Farsi, Arabic. With refugees and immigrants from various communities. T.Gromadka playwright, M.Pluciennik concept & live video. WHS Theatre, 5-6/2019. Cyclical enclosure, dance & art workshop. Dancers and artists come together to create an interactive field of movement, sound & visual art. G.Rosett-Hafter and team. 5.2020.