Mgr. art. Brungot Svíteková Zdenka

1250 €

| buoyant body

| buoyant body is a slow travel choice and a physical introduction to the project AS WE TOUCH - informing and reforming the body, which I will be developing during the Saari residency in March-April 2020. The project developed during the residency will zoom in depth and with a critical approach into the role of senses, especially touch, and the ways various philosophies of touch, their forms and methods have distilled into creative processes. The touch has been inherently present in my practice as performer and maker as a medium for acquiring and transmitting information as well as a channel of communication. When a specifically targeted touch occurs, one of the possible outcomes is an increased buoyancy of the bodily tissues as they are provided space and focus to release unnecessary tension and so regain their fluidity, volume and a balanced relation with the force of gravity. This slow travel option is an opportunity to enrich the somatic experience of a liquid state and a possibility to nourish a long term movement research on fluidity of the bodily structures and tensegrity. The itinerary Bratislava - Mynämäki via Travemünde will support the research and provide somatic experience to cultivate fluidity, continuity, connectivity, buoyancy, wavelike aspect, support and resistance of liquids as well as adaptability of solid structures to liquid environments.