Klampfer Stefan

7500 €

Barking up the wrong tree sessions

During my stay at the Saari Residence, I would like to investigate the artistic and acoustic potential of pieces of wood, that I am about to find during walks in the surrounding area of the residency. I have always enjoyed working with wood and I am also curious in further combining my interests in sculpture, photography and music. The found materials (wood only) can serve as is (selected by tonality/pitch/mass) or can be used as raw material for the construction of new (very simple) instruments as well. Objects found will be documented photographically and might be used for a booklet later on. The aim is to record music that also is connected to specific places in the area and is limited to one material only as a source of sound. So walking is essential for this multidisciplinary project. Trained as a sculptor I am of course also evaluating three-dimensional qualities in objects – in relation to their acoustic qualities and their potential appearance in an image. As the title „barking up the wrong tree“ implies the project is also about getting lost (in a positive way) and also deals with matters of playfulness, joy in improvisation and openness within a conceptual framework. I like to see my work context related, so also in this project the place itself plays an important role. I enjoy the idea of using what is already there instead of having to buy/consume new materials. As the place is rural and characterized by its natural surroundings I like to take this as a starting point in the choice of materiality and thus also reflect on the sustainability of making art.