Brungot Svíteková Zdenka

5600 €

AS WE TOUCH – informing and reforming the body

My intention is to zoom more in depth and with a critical approach into the role of senses, especially touch, in somatic practices and the ways these various methods are distilled into creative processes. The touch has long time been inherently present in my practice and within the recent work dealing with tectonics and micro tectonics of matter, the need to understand the workings of touch became a necessity. A necessity for in depth comprehension, in theory as well as in practice, of the workings of touch underpinned by contemporary philosophy and sociocultural studies. Besides my own research, I decided to address peers practicing various somatic approaches. The question has been “What body were they creating and what was the specificity of ‘their’ touch?” investigating the outcomes, their expressive potential as well as the re-entactment of the outcomes. During the residency I want to focus on 1) producing written materials by processing interviews with colleagues. The vision is to create platform for critical reflection and prepare a curatorial concept of a symposium on touch 2) starting the creation of a new dance piece with sense of touch and its nuances as guidelines. The work will be the crossroad where the two previous aspects meet, supported by my own practice and the ground breaking work of Erin Manning: Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty.