Äänen Lumo ry

150000 €


Taiteellinen työ / siihen pohjautuva työ | Kolmivuotinen

The purpose of the current application is to implement a stable first trial of a community-driven, non-profit, DIY venue dedicated to sound art and experimental sonic practices. We intend to operate first within a low-threshold space that could accommodate for three years at least some of the shared activities we discussed with the Finnish Sonic Arts Communities in the many network events Äänen Lumo promoted in the last five years. Every year’s activities would culminate in one edition per year of the shared festival Ääneen. In 2024 Ääneen will consist of a series of themed events presenting a variety of performances, concerts and workshops bringing forward artists and performers who utilize sound as the central medium. The lineup consists of invited artists and proposals gathered via an open call in order bring local and international practitioners in contact with each other. We see this as a necessary first step in the long term objective to establish a common “House of the Sonic Arts”, a venue for independent organizers, performers, artists and public alike to create, share, promote, document or simply participate in such artistic practices. At once a concert venue, a production facility to host residencies, a Sonic Arts workshop, a library / sonic archive and a place for leisure. We are thinking of a place to allow activities to scale up, by sharing resources, knowledge, and facilities, and at the same time an open space to communicate and reflect, to rethink together alternative power structures (funding distribution, selection criteria, visibility, etc.) and to create the conditions for more diverse independent approaches. The project intends to move from the knowledge Äänen Lumo gained through Neuroverkko project (2017-2019), as well as within the small-scale community driven festival Ääneen, organized in 2020 and presented in February 2021 for the first time, involving tens of other subjects among associations, informal communities and activist groups.