Art Historian and Artist Rotts Alexandra

7200 €

A Drawings Based Series of Embroidery Examining Distance Relationships with Close Relatives During the Self-Isolation Period

| Yksivuotinen

My work is examining the gender role of embroidery in visual culture and its value as pastime practice in the context of isolation Working plan: 1. Visual research. To make a visual analysis of the collection of mine subconscious drawings which were made during the phone conversation with my mother over the last 3 years. 2. The practice of subconscious drawings and talks. To draw every day using the method of automatic drawings. Everyday phone conversations with my mum (about 40-60min. per day) 3. Digital image processing. Digital adaptation of my subconscious drawings. Preparing drawings for embroidery. 4. Embroidery To embroider every day 3-4 hours. As a result of the work to produce one big tapestry covered by small pieces of embroidery based on everyday drawings. 5. Reading. To read topic related books such as Subversive Stitch. Embroidery and The Making of The Feminine by Rozsika Parker, Embroidered Paradise by Tair Tairov, to use online sources such as,, ProQuest e-book central database for further research. 6. Writing. To write a text examining the gender role of embroidery in visual culture and the role of embroidery as pastime practice in the context of isolation. Writing based on the project will be used for the future exhibition or other implementation of the project. 7. Planning. Looking and developing the way of exhibiting and presenting the project publicly using online or offline platforms.