Working at the Saari Residence

The Saari Residence offers an excellent opportunity to focus undisturbed on creative work and opportunities for interaction with other residents.
Photo: Otto Ville Väätäinen

The Saari Residence is located in a peaceful rural manor milieu, close to nature yet just 30 kilometres from Turku. The versatile workspaces of the Residence include three studios, a dance studio and other workspaces. The workspaces, cosy apartments and the historical and scenic surroundings of an old manor house offer an excellent opportunity to focus undisturbed on creative work as well as opportunities for interaction with other residents. Read more about the surroundings at the Saari Residence

An individual residency spanning two months includes accommodation, a workroom and a monthly grant, the sum of which is determined by the applicant’s experience (€2,500 / €3,000 / €3,600 per month). The purpose of the grant is to cover the cost of living, travel costs and other expenses. Groups can apply for grant and support for travel expenses for a work period of two to four weeks. Read more about What is included in the residency place

The two-month working periods for individual residencies take place as follows:

Period 1: January to February
Period 2: March to April
Period 3: September to October
Period 4: November to December

You can apply for group residency for 2–4 weeks between mid-May and mid-August. The minimum group size is three people.
Please note: a one-week residency period is intended and granted only in special cases, for example, for a translators’ review workshop or for other groups whose members need to assemble for a small-scale seminar or workshop (work will take place in the meeting space). We recommend a more extended group residency period (i.g. 4 weeks) for working groups travelling from afar for ecological reasons.

The Saari Residence is not intended, for example, for networking within the field of art or for hosting exhibitions or performances. No exhibition or performance is required at the end of the residency period.

The main building of the Saari Manor, with its hipped mansard roof, dates back to 1779. The Saari Residence’s office is located in the main building. Resident accommodation is distributed among the kitchen and staff buildings in the yard wings and the farmhand’s cottage in the park area. The apartments vary in size and have basic equipment. Larger apartments are intended for literary artists, researchers or artists with families. The farmhand’s cottage has a shared kitchen, and other apartments have a kitchen or kitchenette with basic amenities. Each apartment has an en-suite shower and toilet. The stay includes a private apartment and workspace for individual residency periods, while groups may need to live in shared accommodations.
The residence’s workspaces are situated in the old stone barn, built in 1858, which also houses a dance studio, three different-sized studios intended mainly for visual artists, a sewing machine and a woodworking shop. The spaces for literary work are located with the accommodations. Each artist or collective is allotted a private workspace for the duration of their residence.

Each apartment and workspace has a wired Internet connection (Ethernet). The Saari Residence does not have a Wi-Fi network.

The Saari Residence is also a meeting place for artists and researchers. Spring, autumn and winter are reserved for individual artists working in four two-month periods, while the summer, from mid-May to mid-August, is reserved for intensive group work. During the spring and autumn, there are usually seven residency artists and one researcher working on Kone Foundation grant at four different periods. During the summer, all premises are reserved for groups. The Saari Residence’s Community Artist works in residence all year round.

English is the working language of the residency.

One of the essential forms of activities of the Saari Residence is the ecologically sustainable residency program. During the individual residency period, we offer various study circles, discussions and workshops for residents. Working on ecological topics is not a selection criterion in artist choices. Read more about the ecologically sustainable residency programme

The Saari Residence’s mentoring program offers each artist selected for an individual residency the opportunity for discussions with mentors. The mentors of Saari Residence are vital professionals in their field of art living in Finland, and each of them also has a personal relationship with Saari Residence. Read more about the mentoring programme

During the individual residency period, there are weekly presentations where every Saari Fellow has an opportunity to present their work to others. One of the weekly routines is also shared lunch with the Saari staff.

It is possible to work at the Saari Residence during the individual residency periods with a work partner or partner. You can also come to the residence with yout family. The issue should be considered and expressed already at the application stage. The residence includes a limited number of apartments suitable for families, and the residency is primarily for the awarded artists working in residence. Also, workgroup members having small, under school-age children whose care cannot be organised in other ways during the residency period can work at the residency. It is the parents’ responsibility to arrange childcare while they work.