For Saari residents

Congratulations for your residency place! Please read carefully the instructions for those arriving at the Saari Residence. The Saari Residence’s historical surroundings, versatile workspaces and peaceful location near a nature reserve and bird wetlands offer you an excellent opportunity to focus undisturbed on your creative work during your residency period.
Metsäläiset. Photo: Marko Rantanen

As the residency period nears, you will receive more information on working and living at the Saari Residence as well as on the residence itself. The Saari Residence and Kone Foundation staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Accepting the residency

Residency recipients must contact the Saari Residence by 28 July and notify of the acceptance of the offered residency. You can also comment the dates of the residency period at that time.

Use of the residency grant and rescheduling

Individual residencies include a monthly grant of 2,400 EUR, 2,800 EUR or 3,500 EUR. The monthly grant or the group residency grant should cover living and travel expenses as well as most other expenses incurred during the residency period.

In order to receive the grant, you are required to live and work at the residence for a minimum of 42 days during the two-month residency period.

As a residency recipient, you must also inform the Saari Residence office of any other grants received simultaneously. In such cases, a reduced monthly grant is paid which is normally half of the original monthly grant.

The support for group residency has been awarded for the project proposal and the number of people presented in the application. The support is meant to cover living and travel expenses and required supplies during their residency.

The Saari Residence office should be informed of any changes. It is possible that the amount of grant is reduced if, e.g., less people participate than presented in the original application.


You must notify of a parental leave or of the care of children coinciding with the residency period. In such cases, the residency period is typically rescheduled. If you plan to come to the residence with children, you should always negotiate it with the residency personnel in advance. Arranging daycare for children is the responsibility of the parents.

Group residencies cannot be rescheduled for the following year.

Payment of residency grants and group residency grants

Kone Foundation grants are paid once a month on the third working day of each month.

Residency grant

Individual residency grants are paid in full each month. However, for the second month of the residency period, only a half of the grant will be paid at the beginning, and the rest will be paid at the beginning of the following month if the recipient has resided at the Saari Residence for a minimum of 42 days.

Group residency grant

Group residency grants are paid at the beginning of the month when the residency period starts.

Submit the payment request

Submit the payment request no later than the 16th of the month preceding the one in which you wish the payments to commence.

The necessary information includes, besides bank account details, Finnish social security ID (or date of birth, or business ID), and contact information.

More instructions can be found at the online service under the heading Own grants.

Once we have accepted the payment request, you will see the payment under title Accepted payments.

If there are issues in the payment request, you will see read text under Payment requests. Choose edit and make the required changes and send the request again.

To online application service

Arriving at the Saari Residence

Residency recipients must notify the Saari Residence of their arrival time in good time.

The beginning of the residency period is notified in the enclosed schedule in the email and letter including instructions. You will also receive more detailed information about your forthcoming residency period via email in advance. Please note that the Saari Residence’s staff does not live in the manor and the office is open dur­ing weekdays from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Practical information on travelling will be available in the guide that will be sent to arriving residents before the beginning of the residency period. The Saari Residence is accessible by bus and the nearest stop is situated two kilometers from the residence. We can pick you up from the bus stop.

Living at the Saari Residence

Individual residents are provided with a workspace and apartment including a communal or regular kitchen or a kitchenette, shower and toilet. The apartment is equipped with kitchenware, bedding and towels. Each apartment also has a wired internet connection. NOTE! There is no wireless network (WiFi or Wlan) at the Saari Residence. Each apartment has an Ethernet cable for the residents use.

In the case of group residencies, one to three people stays in one apartment, depending on the size of the group.

There are also bicycles at the Saari Residence that can be borrowed. During individual residency periods, transportation will be provided once a week to Mynämäki, where it is possible to go to the store or library, for example.

The group residencies are meant for the work group who has applied and awarded the residency grant. During the intensive group residencies it is not possible to accommodate extra guests or the group member’s children and their childminders. Guests, children and their childminders need always extra accommodation which may affect for example to the possible size of the other group working in the residency at the same time and also to the whole scheduling of the summer group residencies. The group residencies are short-term working periods, so it is easier for the group members to arrange childcare than in the two-month individual residency.


Grants are tax exempt in Finland up to the amount equivalent to the Finnish state grants for artists (in 2017, €20.309,40 per year).

Please consult the tax administration on the deductibility of expenses like pension payments, literature acquisition costs or travel expenses.

Further information of taxation matters regarding grants:




Residency recipients must report on their work after their residency has ended, within three months of the residency period.

It is the responsibility of the project leader to report on projects.

Neglecting the obligation to send in a final report risks receiving grants in the future. Kone Foundation may also reclaim the grant.

Reporting lets the foundation know that grants are used for the purposes indicated in applications. This is important in ensuring the fair treatment of grant applicants and recipients, amongst other things. Reports also offer important information on the impact of grants.

The report should be written and submitted to Kone Foundation using the Saari Residence’s online application service. Please choose Residency report under Create new form. You can use the id and password that were used when applying for funding. Do not send the report by mail.

When you have completed the report you should click Accept application and submit it electronically to Kone Foundation. When the completed report form has been submitted, Sent will be displayed on the main page of the online applications service. If you wish to make further changes to the submitted form, return to the online application service and select Cancel report. Cancelling the report does not delete it. After cancelling the report, you can still edit the report form and send it later.

Online applications service

Mentioning Kone Foundation as the supporter

It is a good habit to thank grantmakers for their grants: Kone Foundation can be mentioned, for example, in the preface of a publication, on the reverse of the title page or in the notes of an article.

We also recommend that projects funded by Kone Foundation use our logo on print products, publications and on the project’s internet page, for example.

A printable Kone Foundation emblem and further instructions on its can be found here.


We are happy to share information about our Saari Fellows and alumni.

We notify the press about your arrival in the Saari Residence in the beginning of your residency period and therefore we will need (before your arrival) a short introduction for our webpage and communication about what you intend to do during your residency. You can also send us a picture of yourself, although it can also be taken here. You will find the introductions of previous residency guests from here.

We warmly welcome any news about you work also to our email:

We share information about our artist guests’ and alumni’s openings, book releases, radio or TV performances or anything else we happen to find out about.

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And after your residency period, remember #saarialumni.

We also have a monthly At the Saari Well newsletter where we share information about events and other current issues. If you have not received At the Saari Well yet, you can subscribe it from here.

We have a Boldness blog which deals, as the name suggests, with being bold: we discuss the meaning of boldness, grant recipients and Saari Fellows and alumni talk about their projects and we also invite others, both friends and strangers, to contribute. Please contact our residency coordinator Pirre Naukkarinen if you would like to write.

Additional information

As the residency period nears, you will receive more information on working and living at the Saari Residence as well as on the residence itself. The Saari Residence and Kone Foundation staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.