For Saari residents

Congratulations on your residency place! As the residency period nears, you will receive more information about working and living at the Saari Residence, as well as about the residence itself. The Saari Residence’s historical surroundings, versatile workspaces and peaceful location near a nature reserve and wetlands offer you an excellent opportunity to focus undisturbed on your creative work during your residency period. During each individual residency period, professional artists from different fields of art and possibly one researcher working under a Kone Foundation grant will be working and living at the Saari Residence, and during the summer all premises are reserved for groups. The Saari Residence’s Community Artist works at the residence year-round.

As the residency period nears, you will receive more information on working and living at the Saari Residence, as well as about the residence itself and taking the COVID-19 into consideration. Saari Residence staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Accepting the residency

Residency recipients must contact the Saari Residence by 31 July at the latest to notify staff of the acceptance of the offered residency.

Use of the residency grant and rescheduling

Individual residencies include a monthly grant of 2,400 EUR, 2,800 EUR or 3,500 EUR. The monthly grant or the group residency grant should cover living and travel expenses, as well as most other expenses (including materials) incurred during the residency period.

In individual residencies, you are required to live and work at the residence for a minimum of 42 days per the two-month residency period in order to receive the grant.

As a residency recipient, you must also inform the Saari Residence office of any other working grants received simultaneously. In such cases, a reduced monthly grant is paid, which is normally half of the original monthly grant.

If the grant is not used according to the instructions, any grants not yet received may be cancelled and grants already received may be claimed for recovery.

The group residency grant has been awarded for the project proposal and the number of people presented in the application. The group members participating during the residency period are required to commit, and they are expected to reside and work at the residency during the granted residency period.


If the grantee is an organisation or a working group, the grant payment requests must be submitted by the project leader. The project leader decides which bank account to use for the payment. If the content of the project, the composition of the working group or any other key element changes, the leader must negotiate such changes with the Saari Residence. It is the responsibility of the project leader to submit the report.


The Saari Residence office should be informed of any changes. The grant amount may possibly be reduced if, for example, fewer people participate than presented in the original application.

Please note that the sum awarded may be smaller than the applied sum if the granted working period is shorter than the period applied for. We do not grant more money than has been applied for. You will find the awarded sum and working period specified in the letter of approval.


You must notify Saari Residence staff of a coinciding parental, childcare, or sick leave that may occur during the individual residency period. In such cases, the residency period is typically rescheduled. If you plan to come to the residence with children, you should always discuss and negotiate such with residency personnel in advance. Arranging day-care for children is the responsibility of the parents.

Group residencies cannot be rescheduled for the following year.



If you plan to come to the residence with your family, this should have been mentioned
in your application and this should also be discussed and negotiated with residency
personnel before your arrival. Arranging day-care for children is the responsibility of the

A group residence is intended for people who have applied for such and whom have been granted a residency place for a work group. Please note that it is not possible to accommodate short-term group members who are not working at the residence. The
other members are welcome to visit, but they cannot stay overnight.

If the members of a work group have small, under school-age children whose care
cannot be organised in other ways during the residency, it should have been mentioned
in the application. The residence includes a limited number of apartments suitable for
families and the residency is primarily for the awarded artists working in the residence.
Arranging daycare for children is the responsibility of the parents. If needed, the Saari
Residence can help you with contacting local babysitters. The group must organise
bedlinen, towels and travel cots for the children themselves. Please contact the Saari
Residence before your arrival and discuss the matter with the staff. If there is another
work group working in the residence at the same time, we will ask for their opinion also
on having children at the residence.

During the individual residencies, visitors are allowed if the COVID-19 is not
restricting transportation and contacts.

Payment of residency grants and group residency grants

The grants can be paid out when the work that the grant has been intended for takes
place. Kone Foundation grants are paid out monthly by the third working day of the


Individual residency grants are paid in full each month. The first month of individual
residency grants are paid in full. However, for the second month of the residency period,
only half of the grant will be paid at the beginning; the rest will be paid at the beginning
of the following month if the recipient has resided at the Saari Residence for a minimum
of 42 days.

Group residency grant

Group residency grants are paid at the beginning of the month when the residency period starts.


The grant is paid on the basis of a payment request submitted by the 16th day of the
month preceding the month of the residency period. Please note: we will not accept payment requests in July, so the deadline for August payments is in June.

Submit a payment request via the online grant service. You can log into the online service with the same credentials you used when drawing up the application. Requests for payment by communities and working groups must be submitted by the project leader.

The monthly grants of the individual residencies are paid directly to the recipients.
The required information in the payment request includes the grantee’s name, bank account number, SWIFT or BIC code, personal ID and address. If the bank account
is not an IBAN account, also clearing code / routing number is required.

Details on awarded grants and instructions on how to submit a payment request are available from the online service for grants. To proceed to the payment request service, go to the online grant service and enter the identification code for payment request included in your letter of approval. The online grant service:

If you need to contact us, the easiest way is to chat with us on the online grant service.

Arriving at the Saari Residence

Please notify the Saari Residence of your arrival time in good time.

The beginning of the residency period is notified in the letter of approval. You will also receive more detailed information about your forthcoming residency period in advance via email. Make sure to check your inbox carefully, as our emails are sometimes filtered as spam or promotional material, such in Gmail.

Please note that the Saari Residence’s staff does not live in the manor and the office is open durng weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

We encourage our guests to take their time travelling to Saari (slow travel), if possible, using train, bus or boat instead of an airplane.

The Saari Residence is accessible by bus, and the nearest stop is situated two kilometres from the residence. Practical information on travelling will be available in email that will be sent to residents before the beginning of their residency periods.

The Saari Residence is accessible by bus, and the nearest stop is situated two kilometres from the residence. Practical information on travelling will be available in email that will be sent to residents before the beginning of their residency periods.


Please make sure that your insurances are valid during your stay at the Saari Residence. Especially during COVID-19, it is important to have valid insurances.

Living at the Saari Residence

The Saari Residence is located in countryside, in dispersed settlement. The Saari Residence is an old manor house and its main building is situated in the middle of a lush, green park, surrounded by fields and a small forest. The fields are cultivated, and forest is maintained and some of the areas are being pastured during the summertime. The 3-acre park is also maintained and cared for. Occasionally, the old buildings need to be maintained and renovated and this – alongside the previously mentioned actions – will enliven the manor’s everyday life.

Individual residents are provided with a workspace and an apartment including a communal or regular kitchen or a kitchenette, shower and toilet. The apartment is equipped with kitchenware, bedding and towels. Each apartment has a wired internet connection. NOTE! There is no wireless network (WiFi or Wlan) at the Saari Residence. Each apartment has an ethernet cable.

In the case of group residencies, one to three people stay in one apartment, depending on the size of the group.

Bicycles are available for use at the Saari Residence. During residency periods, transportation will be provided once a week to Mynämäki, where it is possible to go to the store or library, for example.


Artists work at the residence with their own equipment and materials. Some equipment is available for residents to use or borrow during their residency. In the Barn is a shared computer (PC) and printer/scanner. There are two projectors and screen that you can borrow for your work. Also, we have one tripod: a SLIK Pro 400DX with a Pan-and-Tilt Head and video head.

If you have special needs or wishes regarding your working at Saari (e.g., workspaces or contacts for nearby communities), please contact us before your residency period. As far as possible, we may be able to prepare for them before your arrival. Also, if your work requires special materials, art products or other accessories, and you need help finding and buying them in Finland, please contact us before your residency period begins.


We have a communal space in the center of Mynämäki called Saareke. Saareke will host the Mynämäki Night School, as well as various public events, such as demos or exhibitions of works by residents at the Saari Residence.The space is mainly used by the
Saari Community Artist. If you wish to use the facility, please contact us in advance. Also
at Saareke, the COVID-19 procedures are followed.


Grants are tax exempt in Finland up to the amount equivalent to the Finnish state grants for artists (in 2020, € 23,269,80 per year).

Kone Foundation grantees do not send a tax deduction card to the Foundation.
The Foundation does not make any tax deductions from the grants, even when the amount of funding already paid to the recipient within the same calendar year exceeds the maximum tax-exempt amount. Kone Foundation notifies the Finnish tax authorities in January of the grants paid out during the previous year. The recipient of a grant must declare it in the tax declaration.

Please consult the tax administration on the deductibility of expenses like pension payments, literature acquisition costs or travel expenses. Further information of taxation
matters regarding grants: Finnish Tax Administration,


After the residency has ended, please provide a report within three months. It is the responsibility of the projectleader to report on projects.

A report must be provided even if the funded project is only partially or not at all completed. Neglecting the obligation to send in a report risks the possibilities of receiving grants in the future. We may also reclaim the grant.

By reporting, you let us know that grants have been used for the purposes they were awarded for. This is important in ensuring the fair treatment of grant applicants and recipients. Reports also give us essential information on the impact of grants.

The report should be written and submitted using the online grant service. Do not send the report by post or e-mail. In addition to the report, we ask the recipients of grants for non-fiction writing to send a copy of any published books to the Saari Residence and the Kone Foundation office.


We are happy to share information about alumni openings, book releases, radio or TV
performances or anything else you’d like to inform us about. Please also keep us up to
date with your news.

Before your arrival, please also provide us with a short introduction for our webpage about what you intend to do during your residency. We will use the material in our communications and on social media.

Previous Saari Fellows in our website:

When sharing information on your project on social media, use the hashtag #SaariResidence and tag the Saari Residence (@saariresidence) to show that you
are one of the artists that have worked at Saari.

If you mention your project at Saari on social media, please use following hashtags:
#SaariResidence #SaariFellow #LifeInSaari #ArtistInResidence

Twitter: @saariresidence
Instagram: saariresidence

As well, after your residency period, remember to join the Saari Residence’s alumni
group on Facebook (Saari Alumni News) and use the hashtag #SaariAlumni.

You can suggest a text for the Boldness Blog to describe your project on our website. Submit a text of up to 5,000 characters with a title, lead paragraph and possible intermediate headers, and at least one image, to which you have rights, for the Saari’s communications. You can also agree on the publication schedule of the text with our residency coordinator before you start writing.

Mentioning Kone Foundation and Saari Residence and the logos

It is considered good practice to thank the grant donor in your academic thesis, publication or similar connection. We ask that you mention the support given by Kone Foundation to your project, for example, on the backside of the publication title, or in the foreword or article footnote. You are free to choose the wording. It can be for example Kone Foundation’s Saari Residence.

We also ask that projects for which we have granted funding use the Saari’s logo, for example, in printed products, publications or the project website. You can download the logo in the format and language you need here.

Additional information

As the residency period nears, you will receive more information on working and living at the Saari Residence as well as on the residence itself. The Saari Residence staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.